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Facebook Management

Do you wonder why your posts aren't getting the engagement and reach they deserve?

let me worry about whats working and whats not 

Facebook Management

Let me implement a customised strategy to your business and its values. This involves creating a community around your businesses or brand that promotes a positive customer experience and brings more awareness to your business or brand, so that you’re front of mind when your customers need your products or services.

This service includes all aspect of organic marketing, (unpaid) with regards to content creation with attention to your specific target market, including copy and my formula to drive traffic and beat the algorithm.

I analyse the best time to post to engage maximum audience; using a variety of different types of posts and methods to keep the audience connected and engaged with your business.

But there is so much more to facebook than just posting pretty pictures – I’ll create lead generation, provide customer service, monitor engagement, reach, and interact with customers and responses along with updating graphics and homepage content including cover photo, pinned posts and business operating details.


- Or you can check out my facebook training to empower you to do it all yourself!



Let's discuss how I can manage this important aspect of your business

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